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The timeshare industry first was originated in Europe in the 1960's. Timeshares allow owners to purchase a fraction of the vacation property of a trust that owns several holiday resorts. The buyers of timeshares have to pay a lump-sum amount for owning the holiday package and a prescribed annual fee for cleaning, insurance, and local fees. At present, the timeshare industry includes nearly 6,000 Worldwide Resort Resales like Walt Disney World, Marriott, and the Four Seasons with timeshares sold to almost 7 million families.

How To Put A Value On Your Timeshare
You could assume appreciation over time like your home, determine the price based on what you paid for the timeshare, or perhaps just let the market determine the timeshare sales price. You are thinking that timeshare is like your home and it should go up in price over time. The sad truth is that timeshare values have never appreciated over time. The price of timeshares sold from the resort developers has gone up over the years but not the "value". I've heard people blame "big marketing costs" for resort developers as the reason for inflated purchase price and why resale transactions are so low. Every home purchase has marketing and sales costs. So home prices have marketing and sales costs too but over the last 70 years you could have sold your home for more than what you paid.

The current sales price of my timeshare from the resort is $15,000 so that's the price." Your timeshare is selling on eBay for 10% of what you paid. The problem is the poor perception and value of timeshares, timeshare exchange companies, and the timeshare industry overall. Timeshare struggles with having a positive review outside this timeshare world. The timeshare industry has corrupted or allowed corruption of this product. If the industry focused on how to bring more value to timeshares then timeshare values would rise.
Determining price can be difficult. What if you could trade the timeshare for free? If Bill Clinton were here perhaps he'd tell the timeshare industry "It's about the customer, stupid!"

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