Wednesday, 10 July 2013

lkflorist raya hampers online

If you do a search on Google now, you can find many florists under the search result listings. With so many choices around, it is difficult to choose the right florist to work with. We need to work with florists when there is a special occasion like wedding or birthday. It is important to choose a capable florist to work with so that the result of the decoration will be good.

If a person wants flowers for a special occasion, then they should go online and order them from a florist. For example, if a person needs flowers for Valentines Day, then they can get a Valentine flower. A person can also order flowers for someone's birthday.

An online florist will also have hampers for their customers to choose from. Hampers make excellent gifts to give, for example chinese new year hamper and raya hamper. LK FLORIST, flowers are like a piece of fabric and that's where design & fashion comes alive. LK FLORIST incorporate flower arrangement with fashion, Shopping online for flowers is a bliss now, with the technology that LK FLORIST have, which encouraged & motivate us to create more flower designs, at a moderate pace but with a unique "taste".

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Lovely Pigeon is one of my favourite websites and it's not harder to see why. There are attractive prints, adorable jotter and even a scattering of best articles for sale. I begin Lovely Pigeon if I was analytic for Christmas presents for accompany of a architecture alignment and came beyond these appealing prints of birds and added things.

There's also a small but perfectly formed range of stationery featuring the eponymous lovely pigeons but also cute animal sets and a newly introduced range of geometrically influenced notebooks.

Lovely Pigeon is the conception of Kirsty Thomas who started bearing the Mr Pigeon lino prints in 2009 from a flat in her home in Cellardyke on the East Coast of Scotland. Kirsty is a designer, illustrator and, as she puts it "an casual shopkeeper". She makes all these admirable things (and jewellery too) and sometimes opens a boutique to advertise her articles and advertise the plan of added Scottish and UK makers.

Kirsty is aggressive by abounding things that we actuality at YHIL aswell like : "I adulation block colour and geometry, mid-century design, flea markets and typography," she says. "I am aggressive by humans like Charles and Ray Eames, Charlie Harper and Lucienne Day and their all-embracing and across-the-board access to design. I am aswell amorous about interiors and my abode and flat sees an ever-changing accumulating of best chairs and awe-inspiring bowl dogs." And, below, you can see the amplitude area she channels her inspirations...

But why the name Lovely Pigeon? “I didn't absolutely accept an assessment on pigeons until I set up the company," she explains. "But I've back developed a affection for them " there are some attractive country pigeons annular here! The Mr Pigeon lino book was one of the aboriginal pieces to be launched and I still adulation it – he has a blink in his eye and is now the 'face' of the Lovely Pigeon brand."

My favourites are these attractive dejected buck and airship set of two prints (ВЈ14) and the chestnut aghast Anstruther bound copy prints (ВЈ40). In fact, abounding of Kirsty's hand-pulled prints are produced in bound copy runs and are a actual affordable way to bang alpha your own artcollection. There's aswell some ablaze upcycled teatowel cushions featuring anniversary destinations that are as ablaze and aerated as a bullpen of sangria (ВЈ18-ВЈ25)
And Kirsty tells me: “Lovely Pigeon is all about authoritative humans smile." I anticipate this is apparently why I wish appealing abundant aggregate that's for auction at Lovely Pigeon...

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

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